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Production System

Our independent sample division is able to respond swiftly without disrupting the bulk production rhythm. Sample division has its own cutting, sewing and finishing line, equipped with the same machineries with the bulk production, a true miniature model of our factory.

PFG implement a centralized cutting facility for bulk production to take a full advantage of our automated spreading and automated cutting machine. On more complex design requirement, our experienced operators are ready to take on the job.

In-house transfer print, laser cut and welding facilities are established to minimize production lead times considering the probability of a meticulous and time consuming process.

We adopt a flexible number of sewing lines which varies from 14 to 22 lines depending on the situation. Implementation of hanger system significantly improves our productivity. It provides an early warning about majority of production problem thus enabling our team to take immediate corrective actions. It eliminates the need of helpers to manually distribute the material to the operators as well as mitigating dirt issue in the garment product.

For us, quality is non-negotiable. Every piece of garments went through multiple checking on various stage of production prior to delivery. We check the fabric before cutting and every single body parts afterwards. Our in-line QC team continuously monitors our production process and every piece of garment goes through End-line QC before being sent to the finishing stage. Final check is done right after finishing and random check is done for further assurance. PFG adopts “zero tolerance” policy in quality checking where any defects are treated as non-acceptable in the early screening. Only a handful of highly trained supervisors are authorized to decide whether any potential defect is acceptable to be delivered to our customer. The system allows us to reach a high quality standard set by our customers.

PFG regularly handles a complex delivery order especially from our global orders. We develop an internal barcode tracking system to monitor and control the production flow to ultimately ensure accurate and timely delivery of our products to designated destinations.