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Our Company

1.1 Establishment

Since the establishment of our company in 1988, we are dedicated to provide high quality garments to all of our customers. Our company is strategically located in Bandung West Java – the textile capital of Indonesia. Having access to skilled workforce, suppliers and international port is proved to be a significant advantage throughout history of our company.

2.2 Our Global Customers

We have worked with customers from leading international brands to develop state of the art garment products. Decades of experiences serving Japanese, European and American markets enable us to refine our production and quality control system to retain competitive advantage in global garment industry

1.3 Partnership with Suppliers

Proximity to the country’s best fabric and accessory suppliers enables us to develop a strong partnership to have assurance in quality and delivery throughout the entire production chain

1.4 Human Resource Development

Key element to our success is the contribution made by our employees. Our versatile and experienced team ensures that we are well positioned to meet the ever- changing needs in this highly competitive industry.